7 Job Profiles That Will Pay You Higher By 2020

The job industry is expected to undergo many changes over the next few years. There will be certain occupations that will be completely kicked out and the world will witness several advanced job profiles. The progress in technology will show a uplift in certain careers, also in the sale packages of the individuals who are employed in those positions. Here are some job profiles that are likely to have a higher pay by 2020.
1) Ethical hacker:- Most companies hires them mainly to hack their systems in order to point out what’s wrong in their security measures.
2) Epidemiologist:- These disease wizards finds out the cause of various illnesses and review cure procedures and prevention’s that gives world the best preventive health care measures.
3) Front end web developer:- Known as Web engineers, these people comes up with the innovative ideas and insights that will provide the best experience of surfing to user who browses the site.
4) Logistician:- These people use the IT software to track the activity of goods and products and make the buying process smoother and efficient for the customers.
5) Actuary:- These experts use statistics and maths for calculating the financial consequences of risk for banks, insurance companies, finance firms, as well as the for the Government.
6) Data analyst:- These people do the data analysis that senses all the data generated by technological disruptions. Data analysts will become increasingly significant in all industries by the year 2020.
7) Product designer:- This job profile will be highly paid by 2020 as product designer is the one who sketch and develop merchandise like cars, gadgets, appliances, and other manufactured goods. This is a creative job profile which nowadays is in much demand. 


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