Wanna be successful ? Do What Mark Zuckerberg Does.

Mark Zuckerberg – the youngest billionaire of the planet, the man who founded social networking site Facebook, that now at present has over 1 billion active users monthly. Zuckerberg’s Facebook has linked people in a way no other site could. Be it his work ethics, weird obsession with same color, there’s​ no doubt that he is the most admired and successful businessman out there.

Here are 6 things Mark Zuckerberg does –

1) Hire the best talent:-  Zuckerberg in 2008 brought Sheryl Sandberg from Google as the new COO. By doing so, he was acknowledging the truth about what he wasn’t best known for: people skills. That appointment marks just one of many that Mark made, for the better of the company. And though his vision has largely steered the company over the years. It wouldn’t be possible without the right team.

2) Give importance to your family:- This is one of the essential lessons that businessmen can learn from him. He recognizes the importance of spending time with family. There is no harm in chasing success but it is nullified if at the end of the day you have no one to share your success with. No matter how much you want to be successful and climb the corporate ladder quickly, you cannot afford to neglect your family.

3) Difficult problems demand innovative solutions:- Innovation is all that which raises the productivity of capital and labour. but if the innovation creates a new value that didn’t exist before, it would come across a lot of problems that too didn’t exist before and such problems would require the innovative ideas to solve the same.

4) Simplicity:-  “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein. This is a favorite quote of Mark And he has certainly practiced this principle. With Facebook, it was instantly clear what it was about and the focus was always on must-have items.

5) Challenge yourself:- Mandarin is considered as the toughest language known. As learning a new language is best learnt by 10 years old or maximum teenager. It is easy to imagine how incredibly difficult it was to learn Mandarin for the thirty year old Mark. In fact he took it up because, ‘Chinese is hard and he loves challenges.’

6) Think long term:- After 3 years of Facebook’s launch, Yahoo made a billion dollar offer to buy it out. Zuckerberg rejected the offer, saying “I’m here to build something for the long term,” adding “Anything else is a distraction. Facebook’s long-term vision was no doubt driven by Mark’s ‘higher purpose’



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