6 Top Movies Must Watch For An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a easy task. when times are tough, your business isn’t at that progress what you​ expected then you may feel low eventually. Just take a break and look for so much needed motivation. And what’s better way to find inspiration than watching movies ?

Cinema has always been and will continue to be that inspirational source for many people around the world.
Here are some of the best inspirational movies for an entrepreneur:

1) Startup.com:- A 2001 documentary about the startup govworks.com which raised $60 million funding from Hearst interactive media, New York investment fund and sapient. It’s good viewing to better understand the boom and burst of dotcom period and serves as a cautionary tale for how friendship can easily be threatened by business partnerships.

2) Moneyball:- Starring Brad Pitt, as Billy beane as the general manager of Oakland A’s.The team didn’t have much finances to spend so he had to find a unique way to compete. This movie simply shows how an entrepreneur can get inspired on how to turn their weakness into their strength.

3) The Game:- Many entrepreneur feels themselves in dilemma when it comes to make a choice between family, love and fame. Nicholas can played by Michael Douglas is a investment banker but in turn is all alone. Thanks to his brother Conrad, he receives a gift of lifetime which changes his perception of life.
4) The Corporation:- The 2003 Canadian documentary written by Joel Bakan, shows the development of contemporary business corporation from a legal entity originated as govt’s chartered institution meant to effect public institutions to the rise of modern commercial institutions.
5) Forrest Gump:- One of the top rated movies of IMDB, A beautiful story about a simple man with good intentions who gets phenomenal success by living his life he knows best. He wins medals, becomes a professional runner, ping pong player and inspires the whole country. The movie shows how a common forest man show casts to world that you don’t need to be a genius to achieve something, all you need to do is just try.

6) Wall Street:- The story of a young susceptible mind showing how easy it is to get carried away with glamorous lifestyle that accompanies wealth. This movie depicts the dark side of trading, wherein ‘greed is good’ takes over the life of a trader. It’s a window to corporate finances, investment law principles and capital markets. If you thought, the wolf of wall Street was a way too much ! This movie is a tamer, a more socially critical version.



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