From Rs. 1,500 To Rs. 4,000 Crore- Story Of King Khan Of Bollywood.

Nobody could have imagined about his journey when he took​ train to Bombay in the late 1980’s with just 1500 bucks in his pocket , with a dream of building a successful career in TV serials, yes ! He didn’t even consider entering the movies. The only asset which he was having was his talent which placed him on a pedestal where one could only hear people chanting for KING KHAN. Besides many industries, Bollywood can give a strong financial status but yet it isn’t that easy to become part of this glamour and making way to success. Shahrukh is one of those legends who didn’t have a godfather’s hand upon him and still made this big in Bollywood.

Shahrukh belongs to a Muslim family that migrated from Peshawar to Delhi after partition. He lived a normal life in Rajendra nagar locality of Delhi. he was very good in studies but his performance in other activities was a step better, later he joined Hansraj college of Delhi University for graduation degree in economics. Well, his modest background didn’t allow him to dream about becoming larger than Life.

The Maximus he desired was to build a successful career in TV industry. However His days of struggle began when he came to Mumbai to fulfil his dreams. He visited every production house he knew and he didn’t miss any of the auditions of TV serials. Well, Managing expenses in this new city was also a struggle. Very few know that shahrukh was thrown out of his rental home twice for not paying the rent and had to stay on the footpath. Even once he had to sleep on a railway platform. It was actor and producer Vivek Vaswani who from the perspective of humanity supported him in his initial stage but he soon realized the immense potential shahrukh was having in him. Shahrukh did some role in TV serials like fauji, circus .Etc. His very first earning was Rs50.

Also why he couldn’t dream big was he wanted to spend some time with his beloved mother back in Delhi. But the biggest blow that came his way that his mother’s demise in 1991. The loss of his father in 1983 was hard for him to recover, the demise of his mother left him shattered. He decide to put all his attention in the acting career to take his mind off his mother’s demise. He married to Gauri the same year. His little experience and exposure in TV industry gave him the first break with a side role Dil Aashna Hai. Now his journey had started , he began to got some lead roles in Chamatkar and Raju ban gaya gentleman.

He earned the Filmfare best male debut face for his first movie itself. Though unlike many other stars, shahrukh never hesitated from doing experimental roles, his negative roles in Darr and Baazigar placed him in a superstar league. His performance in these movies raised him to a different class of acting. After his early portrayel of negative roles, he emerged as the most romantic hero of his time with his acting skills. He set up a production house with Juhi chawala in 1999 which was later named as Red chillies Entertainment in 2004. He also experimented with content and contributed to the process of evolving of the industry.

Shahrukh never forgot the people who stood by him in his struggle time. Be it director Aziz mishra, or his support staff. He always kept everyone around and endured that everyone who supported him grows with him. Shahrukh has won many awards including The Padma Shree award from the Indian Govt. , 14 Filmfares, The Legion de’honneur by France. Shahrukh today is the world’s wealthiest actor with a net worth of $600 million.

He also ranks no. 1 on popularity index. He has his own production house and is co-owner of IPL team KKR. He is also a part of various charitable ventures, his keen interest lies in medical facilities largely because he saw his parents suffer because of illness. Shahrukh’s achievements in industry justifies that it’s his talent and efforts that have taken him where he is today, Shahrukh is known for his famous quote, ” life begins when we decide its going to begin for us “.



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