5 Ways to keep Yourself Motivated While Unemployed.

There’s nothing easy about being unemployed. It is stressful and it completely broke your self confidence and takes away any feeling of financial stability that once you had. The longer the unemployment stays, more it feels like it’s going to make you crazy. However, there are many things that can make you feel positive even when you’re unemployed. We’ve got some major tips for you to stay motivated.

1) Stay positive and keep moving:-  The very first thing to keep in mind is your enthusiasm for your chosen field that you must be sure to pick an industry or position that you’re passionate about. The next thing to keep in mind is your Forward motion is necessary to sustain your optimism. Once you start going through motions without truly feeling motivated, resistance to take positive actions will become stronger.

2) Take advantages of Networking opportunities:- Since you’re unemployed, you’ve plenty to Time to get connected with others. Take advantage of the network opportunities as you don’t know which will be chance you’re waiting for.

3) Learn something new:- Attend personality development classes. Register for free online Excel classes. Improve your communication skills. Find an hobby that you’ll enjoy during your next job, all these will contribute to an improved you.

4) Consider speaking​ with a Professional:- If you’re suffering from serious problems like depression because of unemployment, then you should seek the help of a psychiatrist. There are numerous community programs and deffered payment plans for you. Your mental Health is worth the cost, if it comes down to it.

5) Attend every Interview:-  Been offered an interview for the job you’ve applied for, it can be tempting to avoid that interview if you’re not interested in that prospect of the job. But you shouldn’t do this. Because every Interview you attend will be helpful for your next interview. Going along for the interview is a good idea, and who knows you may find the job appeals to you more than you thought it would.



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  • Tracy
    June 6, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    Very good read. Thankfully I haven’t had to experience this in the last five years. I can’t remember it’s not joke though.