Innovative Enterprises Who Changed Our Way Of Life.

If there is one word that has revolutionized world in last decade as so, it’s Innovation. Innovation is something that most companies strive to achieve, and most customers look for before buying a product. In fact, Every upcoming week we are introduced to some revolutionaries concepts and technology. While some have the capability to go on and make it big while others are reduced to fallback on the sideways. Well, to strive in such a competitive environment, Enterprises have to constantly points an eye on what customers need, identify the gaps and to come​ up with the products that bridges the gap !
At the end of the day ..What matters is if a product can create a long lasting impact or not ! petrol & diesel cars belching the fumes were largely the norm. Then came Tesla, who build electric running cars. Not only they were eco friendly, also they were packed with fully automatic features. Our point is that a company has to value it’s user feedback ..i.e what they wants ! Collects the survey from millions of it’s customer for the best update possible. There are several innovative Enterprises which have changed our way of life :
1) OnePlus:-
While OnePlus turned it’s heads in India with it’s first OnePlus one launch in 2014. The recent launched smartphone is OnePlus 3T. It’s like the company went through all the complaints their customer did and brought the phone that has solved all the problems with a 6 GB ram and whopping 128 GB internal storage, 12 mp camera, Android 7.1 and also Oneplus’s dash charge feature which gives you enough power for a day in just 30 minutes.
Before this app, anything you put on an instant messaging apps was preserved in some form, somewhere in the lanes of World Wide Web. These messages could be used against you in some forms. Then came Snapchat, this app very quickly went viral because of it’s unique feature that allows you to ultimate high of instant messaging , but allows you the best that your text disappeared in 24 hours. It’s came a long way since, became the preffered mode of interaction between young generation.
Before its existence, shopping was like braving the traffic, pollution, & other irritants like having to go from one store to another, Then came the giving people the luxury of sitting at home and shopping for everything they needed, whether it’s from books to electronics to grocery shopping with easy and hassle free returns and refunds.
4) Airbnb:-
Before Airbnb , travelers depended upon runoff the mill hotels and guesthouses. It doesn’t matter if it’s Delhi or Dubai if you wanted something different, it meant losing out a lot more money for a boutique hotel. But when Airbnb introduced it’s services. Commuters got the option to rent affordable houses and apartments helping them discover their destination from a more local perspective. Even in India, Airbnb remains the big daddy of new-age accommodation option for travelers.
5) NETFLIX:-  
Before Netflix, you have to go out to rent a video or take the risk by downloading the pirated versions of movies and shows from the internet exposing your device to the vulnerable threats and viruses that came as a free gift with them. If you didn’t return the video on time , you have a risk paying fortune in late fees. Then Netflix came and introduced it’s services subscription based DVD rental system evolved into a streaming service at an affordable price. Subscribers can stream any of the video series that they wishes to and can watch them anytime anywhere. These innovative products and services from these companies have changed the way of life of their millions of customers globally.
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