Know Why The Next Gen Baniyas Are Dominating The Startup Space.

The word ‘baniya’ comes from the Sanskrit ‘vanik’ which is derived from ‘vanijya’ which simply means Trade. Baniyas are predominantly a merchant caste. They can be found in both Hindu and Jain community in whole north, Central and west India. Baniyas are very sharp on focussing the thrift and are also very sharp when it comes to the accounting side.

From Mukesh Ambani of Reliance to Bansal Brothers from Flipkart, Baniya community​ simply dominates the business world. It’s a well known fact that Baniyas are exceptionally good with money. They can be largely categorized as the well traditional entrepreneurial and trading classes of India. According to Forbes, eight out of top 10 richest person in India belongs to Baniya community.

The richest Indian in the world is a Baniya – Mukesh Ambani with a net worth of $21.5 billion followed by Laxmi mittal, others are Shashi and Ravi ruia.
Now talking about the Flipkart founders – Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007, the largest online retailer in India had a Rs. 102.4 billion of annual turnover. Also, Snapdeal founder – Rohit Bansal belongs to Baniya community.

Well, it’s not a surprise to all that Baniya people reflects risk taking abilities from a very young age, Man Mohan aggrawal from Allahabad started out on working at an early age of just 15. He quoted, ” My Father instilled in me the ability to take bold decisions, the courage to take risks and to give 100% in anything one does”. For the next few years, he did small businesses and finally after several attempts he successfully built the e-commerce giant ‘’.
As the name Baniya is derived from Sanskrit which simply means Commerce. The Baniya businessman believes in their religion very strongly, and they used to keep their accounting booklet update called ‘The Chopdis’. And it’s a well known tradition in baniyas to mark the start of new Accounting booklets ‘Chopdis’ on Diwali festival. The Baniya people never ever miss out any kind of opportunity to make money, even they can involve themselves 24*7 to make money. They have a perfect nose for smelling out the profit making ventures.

Apart from the business line, Mitroo..

Baniya people’s do have a leadership skills to pursue any field. Two of the India’s top rated politicians – Narendra modi & Arvind Kejriwal belongs to the mercantile community of north & west India.




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