From dropping out from a high school to Africa’s youngest billionaire

We are talking about 33 year old Ashish thakkar’s successful entrepreneural journey. His Conglomerate Mara group has a net worth of over $1 billion which makes him the youngest billionaire of Africa. Ashish belongs to a Gujarati family and had been born in UK, his family shifted to Africa in the late 1980s. They had to move to UK idi amin enforced the expulsion of Asians from Uganda and He was just 12 when his family was forced again to leave the country.

His family had to go through their toughest time due to poor financial conditions that they had to start their life from scratch, Even he had to quit his school. His father took a loan of about $11000 for fulfilling basic needs of his family. The teenager Ashish also tried his luck in the business so as to improve his family’s financial condition. From this point, He started his admiral journey of business by selling his old computer for a little profit of $100. He then realized that making money isn’t that hard that he thought of , He gave it a second turn as he bought an old computer and sold it with some profit.

Now he started selling the computer hardware and peripherals imported from Dubai in Uganda. As it’s been said, “success comes to hard working gems”, his hard work and determination paid off and in less than a year he set up his own shop in Dubai and became one of the leading computer hardware importer of Uganda. As his business grew, his computer supplies operation became Africa’s biggest IT company with over 7000 employees across 26 countries with an annual revenue of about $100 million. Since now his group has been spread all over the world, it has now businesses as vide ranges as like Telecom infrastructure, packaging manufacturers, hotels, conference centres, shopping malls , paper mills and thousands of acres of prime agricultural land in Africa.

Around 2 years ago, The Mara group which only started with a initial investment of $5000 is now having an estimate of $100 million of annual turnover. The Mara group also has provided numerous jobs in different fields for the people of Africa from real estate to e-commerce​ to agriculture. Well, recently Ashish thakkar has been honored and appointed as World Economic Forum Global Young Leader. Also, he is providing a leading platform for all the young generation of Entrepreneurs by running a social Enterprise named “The Mara Foundation” launched in 2009 , which provides Mentoring and various helping support to the young Entrepreneurs. Till now, more than 1,60,000 young entrepreneurs have received it’s membership.

From Ground zero to The youngest billionaire of Africa, Ashish has proved that Sky’s not the limit when it comes to a young man’s Ambitions.



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