In Last Stage Of Cancer This Amazing Women Is Doing This Amazing Job.

It’s common among us all that when we see ourselves in a major problem , we try to employ all the resources that we can. But still there are some extraordinary people among us who can see their end coming near to them fastly and still they chose to devote their all time to others.  A young women named BABUSHA CHAUDHARY , from ghaziabaad chose to spend all her time with those who can’t say a word but can make their love felt always. Babusha has been diagnosed with intestinal cancer, a rare disease which hits one in a billion which also made her left her air hostess job in 2009.

When she came to know about her intestinal cancer she chose to live her rest of in a optimistic way by feeding birds and stray dogs. In the early diagnosis of her intestinal cancer , she was on complete steroids and other life saving drug medications. She lives with her family. And everyone in her family feels relieved by seeing that smile on her face always. They say that she forgets all about her disease and medications when she is around the birds and stray dogs. Babusha is a MBA graduate and was working as an air hostess in a leading airways company.

But in 2009 had to left her air hostess job when she came to know about her cancer problem. She take cares of near about 30 stray dogs and all of the birds who came to her window and treating them like her family members is a very joyful work for her, she says! She is doing all this on her own. She says, it’s very sick feeling seeing the pets being left alone on roads as it’s your prime responsibility to take care of your pet but most people left them when they falls sick.

She also says, taking care of all those innocent ones who are being discarded by everyone let her bears her pain more than the medication does. Well, we don’t know about the turn a bouts of her future but we salute her humble approach towards life and also teaches us in various ways and the true feeling of self giving.

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