You Won’t Believe How This Iconic Women Defeated Her Rapist Husband & Start Afresh

This inspiring story is of Zaaria Patni, who at the age of 19 got married to a man who was seven years elder to her. She thought she had met the love of her life but he turned out to be a devil. This story can be taken as a cautionary tale for every women out there. Young girls tie the knot for love or reasons known best to them, but not all weddings end in happy marriages.

It all started when they went for their Honeymoon, where Zaaria wasn’t allowed to look anywhere but towards him, wasn’t allowed to enter shops which he didn’t like and was supposed to wear only what he wanted Zaaria to. One day in London they were to visit their relatives. It was freezing but guy asked Zaaria to wear a salwaar but not jacket. When they went back to Dubai, The guy didn’t allow Zaaria to turn on the AC. If Zaaria did in the middle of the night because it was so hot, he used to upturn the entire wardrobe, he used to smash perfumes and candles. If Zaaria ever disobeyed him then he used to drive his convertible car at the maximum speed and threaten to throw Zaaria out.

After 6 months of their wedding, Zaaria was pregnant. Guy hide her medicines saying she don’t need them. She was throwing up 30 times a day and all the minerals in her body had drained to the point that she couldn’t stand and that’s when he agreed to take her to the hospital. The nurse in the hospital took her to the emergency room and after 3 days they went back to thier home. At home he pushed her and it started bleeding and he waited 24 hours to take her back to the hospital. Her parents were at Hajj. She wanted to stay for a night in her own home instead of his – which he flatly refused. She was talking to her mother for 15 minutes and in between he called 40 times. Then he sent his sister upstairs to snatch her phone and then he texted ” If you return to Dubai, I will rip your ass apart’ in Hindi. Then Zaaria decided enough is enough.

He wanted custody of her unborn child and sent her a legal notice. The next 6 years were hell for her. She gave birth to a baby boy and after 30 days of delivery when her stitches got healed she went to the family court to fight for her son. He bribed people from the court and the judges to prolong this case. In 2012 because of one hospital slip she won all the cases and she received nothing in compensation from his family. 

Now she is living for her son and she began working in her family business of logistics and also started taking her passion for photography seriously. She was getting extremely good with her camera and she was shooting for big brands like Vero Moda, ONLY, Gap, Gaurav Gupta, Madison Preto etc. Now aboard projects were calling her and she decided to take his son Muhammad with her only to realize that this is going to be another battle where she would have to take on the entire system.

The officials rejected her son’s visa application saying they need muhammad’s father signature on documents. For three years this mother and son did loads of round of passport office and now she decided to tweet to Sushma Swaraj.

She also approached where her letigation drew support from more than 96,000 people. Also she went through the Ordeal in spite of Supreme Court guidelines stating that a single mother can be the legal guardian of the child. Just because of Zaaria’s persistant efforts today in passport application form it only requires the applicant to provide the name of only one parent and not both.



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