Facebook Is Now Letting Users Buy Things Right From Their Timelines

Facebook has its own ambition to be become more than just a social network. Over the last twelve months, the company has launched a hyperlocal services feature, a jobs search, an events forum, and even a test option to let users order food and book movies within its platform. Now Facebook is moving towards the e-retail and for this it has made a big move. From now people can buy goods right from within their Facebook timelines. Recently Facebook has introduced a new feature. In this new feature Pages can attach “Buy” widgets onto other forms of media, such as videos.

Whenever the video appears on a user’s timeline, the buy widget appears with it. Below you can see how this new feature will appear on your timeline. By clicking on the product in case of T-shirt, the user to a Facebook interstitial where they can select the size. A button then takes user to the checkout page of the store, where they can directly purchase the product. 

Facebook letting companies to have a “Shop” option on their pages for a while, where companies can list out their products, and then eventually end up buying them from the store. But attaching the “buy” widget to videos to buy goods is the all new concept. Facebook has countless daily users, who regularly spend countless hours scrolling through them. With this new feature of Facebook, Google and Amazon might just have some serious competition on their hands. Facebook has shown its keen interest on having more commerce happen through its platform. E-commerce appears to be a growing focus for Facebook.



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