Google Maps will soon be able to find your parked car.

Thanks to google maps. It is very usual to forget where you have parked your car especially on a city street or in a huge mall parking lot but now google maps will remind you where you parked your car. This new feature is coming into the latest beta version of Google Maps for Android. The first feature will let you to set your parking location by tapping on the blue location dot, and selecting the “Save your parking” option in the menu the list that pops up. But for that you need to signed in into Google Maps. 

Once you have set your parking location, now you can add parking notes (i.e. parking lot floor), set a timer to remind you how long you can park your car for, and even add photos to remind you of the surroundings. This new feature is  for Google Maps are limited to the Android beta version. It is not for iOS users. 

A very thanks to Google Maps who has just set up a new update that will potentially bring an end to all of that hassle. Few days ago Google maps updated a new feature that will allow friends and family to see exactly where you are but DON’T panic as you can make sure it’s turned off. The feature is going to launch soon, Google is adding a tool that allows users to share their real time location. In all modern smartphones this feature is made possible via the GPS. 



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