13 Yr Old Boy Started Garage With Rs. 8,000, Now Owns A 26,000-Cr Business Empire

Today we are going to tell a story of a person who had every reason to live a life of mediocrity. He is a guy who worked as a mechanic at a age of 13, who sold puppies for money now according to Wealth X he is the tenth richest person in the world under the age of 40. He had to built everything on his own, from scratch. Here is the inspiring story of Mr. Arun Pudur. He was born in Chennai to a cinematographer father. He had a very normal childhood. He grew up in Bengaluru. 

At the only age of 13, he begged his parents and started working at a nearby garage. Arun became so good in mechanics that he can fix the almost entire vehicle in about fifteen minutes without any specialized tools. With the time garage became so popular and even ISRO scientists began visiting to his garage. After finishing school and homework, Arun jumped to his garage as he started loving his business. When his father asked to concentrate more on studies, he shut the garage. Then he sold this garage to a local company for more than 1 crore. In 90s he started breeding champion dogs and sold the puppies. With his marketing skills, he sold each puppy for upto Rs. 20,000 which was a handsome amount for him.

Arun was very studios and he always looked forward to examinations. He always accepts challenges as he is curious to solve problems. Once Arun started a venture with his brother which failed. Then he realized that technology was going to be game changer in times to come. Therefore he founded CELFRAME, which is the most popular word processors after software giant Microsoft.

Arun says that CELFRAME is now considered to be the number 2 office suite in the world by way of sales. In five years arun aims to become the world’s third largest platinum producer. He didn’t limit himself to technology and he got several clients in Asian and African governments. Arun made his first million at the age of 21 and first billion at the age of 26. The global wealth intelligence and prospecting company said Pudur, the owner and president of software firm Celframe, topped the list with a personal fortune of USD 4 billion.

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