5 Rich Principles that can change your life forever.

I believe that everyone has the potential to become rich. The rich people have learned power of skills and timeless principles that they practice everyday and this allow them to remain rich. The skills and principles which they have matched with is what separates them everyday people. Here is what makes them remain riches. Circumstances may change, but principles remain the same. Here are few of those principles.

Principle 1:- Rich people think abundance but poor people think lack. 

The rich have a completely different mindset, when it comes to how to make money. It begins from how they think. Richer understand that their thoughts would breed actions and their actions would breed results. They understand the first law of success which is first “Within then Without”. When you realize that most people are poor, it is good for you to make up your mind that you want to go long their mind path that they have chosen to follow.

Principle 2:- Rich people see opportunity and poor people see problems.

Most of rich people take responsibility for the results and act upon the mindset “It will work because I’ll make it work.” Rich people focus on rewards while Poor focus on the risks.

Principle 3:- Rich people allow the interest on their investment to compound. 

Rich people see every note as a seed, so that they can replant it and  to earn a thousand more notes. Poor people don’t invest their money. The rich understands the principle of compound interest and make it work for them. The rich understands the law of gratification.

Principle 4:- Rich people mind their associations while the poor don’t. 

It is said that you never determine your net worth. Rich people are careful and deliberate in creating a particular kind of network around them. Spending time with wealthy people is wider if you want to succeed naturally. You will be amazed how your prospective changes when you hear people talking about how much they make in a single day.

Principle 5:- Rich people make their money work for them while the poor work for money. 

A very large number of people work for money. Rich people are unwavering in their desire. They are fully committed to creating wealth. Rich people spend their money on assets while the poor spend theirs on liabilities.

Here, Rich or poor is not a financial situation but a mindset, now you know what it takes, to be rich..

See you at top soon..

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