Time Management Strategies

Time management is a big concern for lot of people. I keep hearing there are just not enough hours in a day or where does my time go. Face it.. We all live busy lives. Work, Family and other commitments keep us all hoping to utilize better time management. It is important to recognize what specific problems are. Is it not having enough time for you or your family?? Do you feel that you are wasting time by excess of driving. May be you are not sure where all your time is going and just want to account for it. The most important step in time management is evaluating schedules.


Initiate a paper write up a typical week for you by looking at your current schedule. You will be able to identify places where better time management could be used. Why are you feeling unsatisfied with your schedule. Make a list why you want to change and what you want to make room for. Do you want more time to pursue interests. More time to be with your children or just more time to get everything done. After you have done this take a piece of paper and draw three columns. In the first column put the list of all the appointments, events and commitments that are set in stone.

Things that take place at a set time and happen daily, weekly or monthly such as work, club meetings or standing doctor appointments. In the second column put flexible tasks or commitments that can be done around your set in stone commitments such as grocery shopping, house cleaning and having lunch with a friend. In the third column put all the occasional appointments, doctor appointments, a school play or an old friend coming into the town. Then using a calendar or notebook label each page.



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