How to launch a new profitable business in just 10 days ??

Trying to start a business and make it profitable in a matter of weeks sounds impossible. But it can be done, as the word impossible itself says that i am possible. In fact we have condensed the process into 10 intense highly focused days. Follow these steps to start a profitable business in just 10 days and become a successful businessman.

Day 1 :- Draw up a business plan- Whether written on the back of a napkin or a highly detailed 25-page document, a business plan is critical for startups.

Day 2 :- Study the market – Compare your products or services to what’s available in the market. Check who your target customers are and what are the rules and regulations and licensing requirements of the government to expect. Don’t over-think or over-plan, and try not to stand in your head too much.

Day 3:- Build out your brand:- A brand identity including a name and a logo fetch instant legitimacy. In all most all cases a business will need a web and social media presence to solidify their brand identity. If you think your business can put up without using social media platform then you are wrong. For your startup, stake out a position on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Day 4:- Incorporate the business :- The nature of the startup dictates the extent to which it should rely on an attorney to incorporate, trademark ideas/products, formalize agreements, etc.

Day 5:- Set up a lean machine :- Keep your overhead as low as possible to launch by skipping unnecessary  furniture or by working from the garage. Labour is expensive, so if you can miss the help of interns.

Day 6:- Start selling :- Tell everyone in your network that you are in business and have something unique to offer.

Day 7:- Work the media :- Media relations are priority. Media outreach by a business owner can pay quick and substantial dividends.

Day 8:- Fake it to make it :- Think big and act like you belong to be your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

Day 9:- Work in and on your business :-  Work on your business but when the day by day the work load becomes too heavy, its time to move indirect income generating tasks into back burner to focus on earning income first.

Day 10:- Throw a party:- Take a breath and take everyone who’s helped like vendors, friends, family, customers and prospects. Seek feedback from your guests. In short order, you’ve created your first focus group and open up opportunities tomorrow.



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