Did you realize you can sell photos to make money ?

If you love photography then you can bring your photos to financial rewards over and over again. The secret of selling photos and making money is all down to stock photos. If you don’t know about the stock photos, then no need to worry. We will explain you what stock photography or micro stock are, all will be revealed in this article.

What is stock photography?

Basically stock photos are those photos which are not taken for a specific product, company, or service. They are generic images that can be used more than once for variety of purposes. In this modern world thousands of photographers around the world sell photos to make money. In this world there are loads of photographers who sell their photos to stock agencies to earn some extra cash with their hobby. The agencies don’t require any certificate or degree of your photography. They only need original and high quality photos to fulfill their requirements.

Photographs of any kind like sun from landscape scenes, pets, plants, household items, wildlife, fashion and many more can be sold. These type of photos are reasonable while photos which include recognizable people or celebrities, buildings and privately-owned places, brands, exclusive events etc are expensive. One of the biggest advantage is that you can sell your photos from your home to the agencies or micro stock sites.

As long as your photos get featured on the micro sites your photos will continue to make you money. In the beginning you may struggle to get your photos approved. But don’t give up keep trying. Improve your photography skills and get your photos approved.

You can also take training on ‘How to Sell Stock Photos’ from Nick Stubbs,  a professional photographer. In this training you will get useful advice on how to sell your photos and make money.

Where can you sell your stock photos?

Here’s a list of some micro stock agencies where you can sign-up to sell your photos.

  1. Adobe Stock
  2. Alamy
  3. Stockimo
  4. Dreamstime
  5. iStock Photo
  6. Shutterstock
  7. Photodune


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