Have a look inside the Upwork Future Workforce Report, Companies Embracing Flexible Teams

According to a survey it is noted that In 2017 majority of companies are intended to hire more freelancers. This new report was  released by Upwork, a popular freelancing website. The study, entitled Future Workforce: How Companies Embrace Flexible Teams to Get Work Done. In 2016 one-third of freelancers were utilized by the companies but now this 55 Percent of Companies are planning to hire more. In our rapidly changing world companies are scrambling to adapt and keep up with the new ideas to stand with the rapid pace of change.

Upwork CEO, Stephane Kasriel said “In just a few years, a third of the skills needed in the workforce will be brand new,”. According to the Upwork Future Workforce Report to meet business needs 40 percent of businesses prefer hiring freelancers. The main reason behind the increasing demand of freelancers is that 39 percent of businesses thinks that by hiring a freelancer they can find the best skills that match their specific needs.

This report also says that 71 percent of hiring managers said utilizing freelancers helped them get more work done at less time and by spending less money. The President of Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), a global research firm focused on staffing and workforce solutions said that “Corporate adoption of freelancers is poised to increase”. To adapt critical business challenges companies are integrating freelancers and other contingent workers into their strategic planning.

At the time the demand for skilled freelancers is increasing at a steady pace. In the past years 41 percent of surveyed managers felt that now a days businesses facing challenges while hiring. On behalf of Upwork research firm Inavero surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. hiring managers.



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