What do you think which is better Freelance vs. 9 to 5 jobs ??

Getting good freelance part time job is not to easy. You have to keep struggling for several months to get a good freelance job. While doing  online freelance jobs, struggle and hard work is must. Some people may get stuck while they are doing full time jobs. Today in this article we will highlight some of the key points which will show difference between 9 to 5 jobs and freelancing .

Time and Workplace

In full time jobs you have to follow have to strictly follow the timings i.e 9 to 5 or more than that. You are stuck to your workplace as well while doing 9 to 5 jobs. While in freelancing there is no issue of time and workplace. You are free to work from anywhere and at anytime. Freelancing does not affect if you have to move from one country to another due to some circumstances.

Setting own Goals

In 9 to 5 jobs you are bound to work according to your boss while in freelancing you are your own boss. There is a greater flexibility in working as a freelancer then in full time jobs. In freelancing you are free to set your own goals and you can work according to your capability while in full time jobs you have to work as assigned by your boss.

Job Security

There is a greater risk of payment of salary on time in a freelance job while there is a greater security for the payment of salary in time in a 9 to 5 job. In freelancing you can design your own websites and earn a lot of money that is secure as well. In 9 to 5 jobs the chances of deception are very rare.

Find your Passion

If you work in an office you cannot show your skills in the other fields. You are bound to a workplace, you cannot work according to your passion. While in the case of freelancing you can find your own passion, you can add your skills according to your passion or whatever you want.

At last i just want to conclude that if you have different skills that can be productive in web designing, article writing and stuff like that then no need to hesitate just start freelancing, you will gonna love it. 




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