Why students wants to work as a freelancer ??

When you hear this word freelancing, what comes into your mind. Some people thinks you are doing freelancing only because you are unable to get a “real” job.  Some people associate freelancing to unstable work flow and low earnings. Do you think the same? Are you hesitating to try out freelancing? If it is so, then this article is a must read for you. I am telling you 5 reasons why freelancing is great convincing enough.

  1. To Satisfy their Creative Desire:- May be a person is nothing but creative and capable enough and most of the time, he is eager to showcase these gift of him. Behind a desk a 9 to 5 job may not be sufficient to showcase their creativity. If you are such a creative person and you have extraordinary and mind-blowing ideas, then don’t let your ideas go waste. Try to compile your ideas in a book or portfolio. And you can use that book or portfolio as a future reference when you start freelancing.
  2. To Earn Additional Income:- Thousands of workers thinks that earning additional income seem like it’s a good idea. You will not lose anything working at the same time with your stable job. Your stable job may offer additional advantages such as health insurance or office facilities but by freelancing  you’ll be earning additional income. One thing you should keep in your mind while doing both the jobs is to manage your time. At the same time you can’t neglect any of the job. Time management is the core aspect of freelancing while working but don’t get afraid of it.
  3. To Open up new job alternatives:- From freelancing you will get many benefits like Discover new career paths, work with various clients, and try things you never thought you’d love. In freelancing you have to convince the prospective clients that you’re the right person for the job.
  4. To Be Able to Work Remotely:- Freelancing simply means working from home. While doing Freelancing  you stay away from unnecessary expenses such as transportation cost, lunch cost, and many other expenses. For freelancing you simply need a steady Wi-Fi connection, a phone number or video conference app; such as Skype and an email account and probably a printer. Best part in freelancing is you will be free from office hassle; business trip, office drama, or hours-long meetings.
  5. To arrange their own schedule:- In freelancing you are free to choose when to work, and when to rest and what to work and what not to work. You will get full time to relax and to spend quality time with family and friends.




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